All-in-one solution

for B2B Performance Telemarketing

A Pay-per-Lead solution that enables each agent to:

Make 800 to 1000 Calls per Day

Have 40 to 50 Right Party Conversations per day

Increase lead volume by 200% to 400%

An all-inclusive solution with data, voice & CRM
at one cost to grow your business

220M Premium Contacts Worldwide

Access data from our partnerships with five (and growing) top data providers.

Highly Intelligent dialer with voice

Prioritizes dialing based on likelihood to connect, optimally navigates IVRs, voicemails, “no-answers”, and makes use of high quality voice partnerships.

B2B Lead-Gen optimized CRM

Built to maximize agent productivity, offer management centralized campaign controls, and provide campaign end-to-end transparency.


You only Pay for Performance

What you pay for:


What you don't pay for:

  • Costs to access data from top 5 data providers (and growing) 

  • Cost of Highly Intelligent Power Dialer

  • Cost of CRM or other technology

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It's easy to get started

Sign 1-page Trial Agreement

Attend a short 30-mins training

Run the trial campaign 

See the "2x Benefit" for yourself

Managing Director of 100+ person B2B Marketing Agency

"2x Connect has helped our lead generation business scale in many ways.  It has helped us increase the number of leads generated per agent per day by almost 3 times.  2x has also given us the ability to closely monitor and manage the productivity of a fully remote agent workforce – which has enabled us to save significant overhead costs.  Perhaps most importantly, 2x has led to a high rate of client retention due to how the solution eliminates the exposure of the organization to fraud and due to the consistent lead volume and quality that it enables.” 

Nikhil Devar, Managing Director at VLMS Global Inc.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your growth by 2x now?