$500 payout for each completed trial*

Here is how
it works

Share & Make an Introduction

Via email, make an introduction to someone whom we can help.

Let us do the heavy lifting

2xC's sales team will engage with the company to qualify, on board & set them up for a trial.

Get paid for a completed trial

For each introduction that results in a qualified* completed trial, you earn $500.

See Terms & Conditions below

To be eligible for the $500 pay-out:

  • The trial must consist of at least 1000 Right Party Conversations (our standard trial volume)

  • The introduced company must have at least 25 agents and have existing B2B Demand Generation campaigns that target North America and/or Europe (our solution is not for everyone)

  • The trial must begin within 45 days of the introduction

Sample Template for Email Inroduction

To: [Referral email address]

Cc: intro@xtaascorp.com

Subject: Recommendation that can help your business

Hello [Referral First Name],

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know about my experience with 2x Connect and introduce you to them.  

2x Connect is an All-in-one B2B Telemarketing Solution we use and I think it will really help your business as well.  The platform has [indicate what 2x Connect has done for you]. (use this line if you have an experience or skip)


I have cc’d 2x Connect and they will help you from here. You can learn more about them at www.2xconnect.com


Best Regards,
[Your Signature]